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Carnegie Observatories Centennial Symposium IV


16-21 February 2003, Carnegie Observatories, Pasadena, USA

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Invited talks = 35 minutes total (30 min + 5 min discussion). Contributed talks = 15 minutes total (12 min + 3 min discussion).

Sunday, 16 February 2003
14:00-17:00 Registration at Santa Barbara Street
14:00-17:00 Reception at Santa Barbara Street
Monday, 17 February 2003
08:00-08:30 Registration
08:30-08:35G. Oemler Welcome
Session 1. Historical and Current Overview
Chair Bengt Gustafsson
08:35-08:50 G. Preston Mount Wilson Contributions to the Study of Cosmic Abundances
08:50-09:05 M. Burbidge B2FH and beyond
09:05-09:40 G. Wallerstein Review of current problems in nucleogenesis
Session 2. Theory, Models, and Techniques
09:40-10:15 D. Arnett Nucleosynthesis Yields
10:15-10:30 S. Woosley **** Cancelled ****

10:30-11:00 Coffee break and poster viewing

11:00-11:15 K. Nomoto Hypernova nucleosynthesis and abundance patterns in metal-poor stars
11:15-11:30 M. Limongi **** Cancelled ****
11:30-11:45 C. Travaglio Nucleosynthesis in SNII Coupled to Multidimensional Hydrodynamics
11:45-12:20 J. Cowan Advances in R-Process Nucleosynthesis
12:20-12:35 G. Mathews An Update on the Hot Supernova Bubble r-Process: Roles of MHD and Neutrino Oscillations

12:35-13:50 Lunch

Chair David Lambert
13:50-14:05 S. A. Becker Approximating the r-process on Earth with Thermonuclear Explosions: Lessons Learned and Unanswered Question
14:05-14:40 R. B. C. Henry Element yields of intermediate-mass stars
14:40-14:55 M. Molla New Low and Intermediate Mass Star Yields: the Evolution of CNO Abundances
14:55-15:10 C. Charbonnel The Impact of Rotation on Chemical Abundances in RGB Stars
15:10-15:25 S. Starrfield Nucleosynthesis in the Nova Outburst

15:25-16:05 Coffee break and poster viewing

16:05-16:40 M. Busso S-Process Nucleosynthesis
16:40-16:55 O. Straniero Nucleosynthesis in AGB Stars
16:55-17:10 A. Karakas Magnesium and Aluminum Isotope Yields from AGB Stars
17:10-17:45 F. Matteucci Models of Chemical Evolution
17:45-18:00 S. Oey The Simple Inhomogeneous Model: Chemical Evolution of Low-Metallicity Systems
Tuesday, 18 February 2003
Chair Ruth Peterson
08:30-08:45 B. Gibson The Chemo-dynamical Approach to Simulating Galaxies
08:45-09:20 B. Gustafsson Stellar Model Atmosphere Abundance Analysis
09:20-09:35 A. Korn Halo Giants as Probes of GCE: The Impact of Unbiased Stellar Parameters
09:35-09:50 N. Przybilla Non-LTE Revisited
09:50-10:05 M. Franchini Non-Solar Abundance Ratio Effects in Lick Spectral Indices of Individual Stars

10:05-10:35 Coffee break and poster viewing

Session 3. Chemistry and Stellar Evolution
10:35-11:10 D. Lambert RGB, AGB, and post-AGB nucleosynthesis
11:10-11:25 M. Reyniers S-Process Elements and Lithium Antidote in Post-AGB Stars with VLT+UVES
11:25-11:40 H. Dinerstein Neutron-Capture Elements in Planetary Nebulae
Session 4. Composition of the Galaxy
11:40-12:15 A. Boesgaard Light Elements

12:15-13:30 Lunch

Chair Chris Sneden
13:30-14:05 J. Norris Extreme metal-poor stars
14:05-14:20 N. Christlieb HE 0107-5240, a stellar relic from the early Milky Way
14:20-14:35 M. Spite Trends of Abundance in Extremely Metal-Poor Giants Observed at the VLT
14:35-14:50 R. Cayrel The Age of the First Nucleosynthesis in the Galaxy
14:50-15:05 J. Cohen Abundance Ratios Among a Sample of ~25 New Extremely Metal-Poor Stars
15:05-15:20 C. Allende Prieto New Resources to Explore the Galactic Halo: Mining the SDSS

15:20-16:10 Coffee break and poster viewing

16:10-16:45 P. Nissen Thin and Thick Galactic Disks
16:45-17:00 S. Feltzing Thick Disk Results
17:00-17:15 B. Reddy The Chemical Compositions of F and G Galactic disk Dwarfs
17:15-17:30 C. Chiappini Abundance Ratios in the Milky Way: The halo/thick disk and thin disk discontinuity
17:30-17:45 A. McWilliam The Galactic Bulge Composition
17:45-18:00 Livia Origlia High Resolution Spectroscopy of Bulge Globular Clusters: the Infrared Perspective
Wednesday, 19 February 2003
Chair Poul Nissen
08:30-09:05 C. Sneden Globular Clusters and Halo Field Stars
09:05-09:20 S. Balachandran Oxygen in Metal-Poor Stars
09:20-09:35 J. Fulbright Abundances of Outer Halo Globular Cluster and Field Stars
09:35-09:50 I. Ivans A New Population of Old Stars
09:50-10:05 R. Kraft A Globular Cluster Metallicity Scale Based on the Abundance of Fe II

10:05-10:35 Coffee break and poster viewing

10:35-11:10 V. Smith Chemical Evolution in Omega Centauri
11:10-11:25 E. Pancino Metal Rich Stars in Omega Centauri
Session 5. Composition of Stars in Nearby Galaxies
11:25-12:00 V. Hill Chemical Composition of the Magellanic Clouds
12:00-12:15 J. Johnson Abundances in LMC and SMC Globular Clusters
12:15-12:30 K. Venn Stellar Abundances in Dwarf Irregular Galaxies

12:30-14:00 Lunch

Thursday, 20 February 2003
Chair Suchitra Balachandran
08:30-09:05 M. Shetrone Detailed Composition of Dwarf Spheroidal Stars
09:05-09:40 T. Smecker-Hane Metallicity and Star Formation History of Stars in Local Group Dwarf Spheroidals
09:40-09:55 C. Gallart The Chemical Enrichment History of Fornax
09:55-10:10 T. Tsujimoto History of the Milky Way Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies and Omega Centauri

10:10-10:40 Coffee break and poster viewing

10:40-10:55 J. Gallagher Spheroidal Dwarfs and Early Galactic Chemical Evolution
10:55-11:30 E. Grebel The Evolutionary History of Local Group Irregular Galaxies
11:30-12:05 R. M. Rich Results from M31
Session 6. From Stars to the Interstellar Medium
12:05-12:40 F. Bresolin Stellar Winds of Hot Massive Stars Nearby and Beyond the Local Group

12:40-13:55 Lunch

Chair Jerry Wasserburg
13:55-14:30 J. Hughes Supernova Remnants
14:30-15:05 D. Clayton Pre-solar Grains
15:05-15:20 L. Nittler Some Implications of Presolar Stardust for Galactic Chemical Evolution

15:20-16:00 Coffee break and poster viewing

16:00-16:35 B. Draine ISM dust
16:35-17:10 E. Jenkins ISM Composition
17:10-17:25 J. Linsky D/H as a Measure of Chemical Inhomogeneity in our Galaxy
17:25-18:00 T. Wiklind Molecules in the ISM

19:00 Banquet Dinner at Cafe Santorini

Friday, 21 February 2003
Chair (TBD)
08:30-08:45 D. Lubowich The Chemical Composition of a 10 Gyr-old Molecular Cloud at the Outer Edge of the Galaxy
08:45-09:20 C. L. Martin Galactic Winds
Session 7. Extragalactic Abundances from Integrated Light
09:20-09:55 S. Trager Integrated-Light Composition of Galaxies and Globular Clusters
09:55-10:30 D. Garnett Gas-phase abundances in dwarfs and spirals galaxies
10:30-10:45 E. Verner Tracing Iron Abundance with Fe II Spectra in Astrophysical Plasma

10:45-11:15 Coffee break and poster viewing

11:15-11:30 J. Brinchmann The Physical Properties of Star Forming Galaxies in the Local Universe
11:30-12:05 M. Loewenstein Intracluster medium composition
12:05-12:40 K. Adelberger Abundances and winds in Lyman-break galaxies

12:40-13:55 Lunch

Session 8. Abundances from Quasar Spectra
Chair Wal Sargent
13:55-14:30 F. Hamann QSO metallicities (emission lines, outflows)
14:30-14:45 M. Corbin *** Cancelled ***
14:45-15:00 C. Peroux Abundances in Sub-DLAs: Implications for the Cosmological Evolution of Metals as Traced by Quasar Absorbers
15:00-15:35 J. Prochaska Abundances in damped Lyman-alpha systems

15:35-16:05 Coffee break and poster viewing

16:05-16:20 P. Molaro Abundances in the Highest Redshift Neutral Clouds
16:20-16:35 F. Calura Chemical Evolution and Nature of Damped Lymann Alpha Systems
16:35-17:10 R.F. Carswell IGM abundances
17:10-17:25 R. Simcoe Enrichment Patterns of Heavy Elements in the Tenuous Intergalactic Medium
Session 9. Summary and Discussion
17:25-18:00 B. Pagel Summary

For more information contact:

Andrew McWilliam and Michael Rauch
Carnegie Observatories
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Pasadena, CA 91101, U.S.A.
Email: amcwilliam@ociw.edu, mrauch@ociw.edu
URL: http://www.ociw.edu/ociw/symposia/symposium4

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