The following photographs from Andrew McWilliam and Donald Clayton.

Bernard Pagel, Don Clayton and Ken'ichi Nomoto in the Carnegie library during the opening reception

David Lambert and John Lattanzio before a session

Bernard Pagel and Margaret Burbidge

Larry Nittler and Don Clayton

Verne Smith with Katia Cunha and her poster on Fluorine

Ann Boesgaard and her poster with Don Clayton

Don Clayton and John Cowan with a poster on the r-process

Dave Arnett

Dinner with Roberto Gallino and Maurizio Busso during theCarnegie symposium

Chris Sneden and Jennifer Simmerer with her poster on the s-process

Claudia Travaglio and Don Clayton

Sumner Starrfield, John Cowan and Claudia Travaglio during a coffee break

The following photos taken by A.McWilliam.

Ann Boesgaard, Verne Smith and Katia Cunha

Roberto Gallino, Chris Sneden and John Cowan

Kim Venn and Doug Duncan during a poster and coffee session (George Wallerstein lurking in the background)

David Lambert and Katia Cunha

A session about to begin: A.G. Davis Phillips, Francois Schweizer and Dave Arnett in the front row

George Preston, Don Garnett, Eileen Friel and Barry Madore sit along the aisle

Suchitra Balachandran and Brigitta Nordstrom at lunch

Scott Trager, Wendy Freeman, Silvia Hutchinson, De Beer Kelson and Jennifer Johnson at lunchtime

Steve Becker, Amanda Karakas, ?, and John Lattanzio reflect after lunch (Poul Nissen in the background)

Chemical evolution and cake with Don Garnett and Bernard Pagel

Maurizio Busso and Bengt Gustafsson

Art Wolfe and Mike Rich as people leave the conference room for the last time

The conference over, Crystal Martin decided to slap Francesca Matteucci

Francesca Matteucci (dazed from the flu and being slapped) with Mike Rich after the conference

Jerry Wasserburg and the Italian Mafia after the symposium