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Carnegie Observatories Centennial Symposium IV


16-21 February 2003, Carnegie Observatories, Pasadena, USA

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Posters are allocated a display space of 36 inches x 48 inches (91 cm x 122 cm)

01. Allende Prieto, Carlos An Automated System to Derive Stellar Atmospheric Parameters
02. Bensby, Thomas Differential Analysis of the Oxygen Abundances in the Galactic Thin and Thick Disks
03. Boesgaard, Ann M. Abundances in Turn-Off Stars in Globular Clusters
04. Boissier, S. Chemical abundances in nearby spiral galaxies and high redshift DLAs
05. Bosler, Tammy L. Leo I and Leo II dSph Galaxies: A Spectroscopic Study of Chemical Abundances in the Stellar Populations
06. Campbell, Simon Nucleosynthesis in Early Stars
07. Carrera, Ricardo The LMC Chemical Enrichment History and Gradients Via CaII-Triplet Spectroscopy
08. Carraro, Giovanni Self Enrichment in Omega Cen: Results from N-Body Simulations
09. Choudhury, Thirthankar R. Probing the Dark Ages with Redshift Distribution of GRBs
10. Cole, Andrew Abundance Patterns of the LMC Disk and Bar
11. Cunha, Katia Fluorine and Oxygen Abundances in the Large Magellanic Cloud
12. Datta, Srabani Fractal Dust in Molecular Clouds
13. Dietrich, Matthias High Redshift Quasars and Implications from the FeII/MgII Ratio
14. Elliott, Lisa Abundances in ultra-Li-deficient Halo Stars
15. Ellison, Sara Assessing The Dust Bias in Damped Lyman Alpha Systems with the CORALS Survey
16. Fenner, Yeshe Chemical Evolution of the Solar Neighbourhood
17. Ford, Allie Abundances in Lithium-Poor Halo Stars
18. Friel, Eileen D. Cr261: Stellar Abundances in an Old Disk Cluster
19. Fulbright, Jon P. Draco 119: A Giant Lacking Neutron-Capture Elements
20. Gallino, Roberto S-process signature in presolar grains
21. Israelian, Garik [O/Fe] in ultra metal poor stars
22. Israelian, Garik Chemical abundances of the secondary star in the black hole binary A0620-00
23. Israelian, Garik New Measurement of the 6Li/7Li Isotopic Ratio in the Extra-Solar Planet Host Star HD82943 and Line Blending in the Li 6708 A Region
24. Jonsell, Karin A Study of the Chemical Composition of Halo Stars
25. King, Jeremy, R Chemical Abundances in Open Cluster Dwarfs
26. Lee, Henry Oxygen Abundances in Southern Dwarf Irregular Galaxies
27. Lopez, Sebastian Clues to the origin of CIV in the Ly-alpha forest
28. Maiolino, Roberto Metal enrichment by recursive episodes of star formation
29. Molla, Mercedes Combining Chemical and Evolutionary Synthesis Models
30. Nordström, Birgitta Heavy r-process elements in Metal Poor stars
31. Otsuki, Kaori Universality and the Astrophysical Site for the r-process
32. Peterson, Ruth Old Metal-Rich Systems and the Mid-Ultraviolet
33. Pompeia, Luciana Copper and Zinc in Bulgelike Stars
34. Reddy, Bacham E. Searching for 6Li in stars with planets
35. Schuster, William J. uvbyβ Photometry of Very Metal-Poor Stars
36. Segei, Ermakov Atlas of the spectra of halo stars in the range from 3550 to 5000 A
37. Smith, Michael Error Estimation, Sensitivities, and Radioactive Ion Beam Measurements for Simulations of Nucleosynthesis in Exploding Stars
38. Simmerer, Jennifer The Rise of the s-process in the Galaxy
39. Stanford, Laura The Age and Metallicity Ranges in Omega Centauri
40. Stencel, Robert Drift velocities and elemental diffusion in evolved star winds
41. Tantalo, Rosaria New Padova Stellar Population DataBase
42. Worthey, Guy Chemistry of Messier 31
43. David, Yong Mg Isotopic Ratios in Giant Stars of the Globular Cluster NGC 6752
44. Zhao, Gang Heavy Element Abundances of Four Extremely Metal-Poor Stars
45. Zucker, Daniel Metallicities of Red Giant Branch Stars in Local Group Dwarf Irregular Galaxies

For more information contact:

Andrew McWilliam and Michael Rauch
Carnegie Observatories
813 Santa Barbara Street
Pasadena, CA 91101, U.S.A.
Email: amcwilliam@ociw.edu, mrauch@ociw.edu
URL: http://www.ociw.edu/ociw/symposia/symposium4

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