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Carnegie Observatories Centennial Symposium III


27-31 January 2003, Carnegie Observatories, Pasadena, USA

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Posters are allocated a display space of 3 feet x 3 feet

Barrientos, Felipe Cluster Ellipticals at z~1 from the RCS
Bautz, MarkThe Dark Matter Distribution in Galaxy Cluster Cores
Biviano, AndreaThe Mass Profile of Clusters from ENACS
Blanton, ElizabethUncovering High-z Clusters Using Wide-Angle Tail Radio Sources
Brown, MichaelEarly-type Galaxy Clustering in the NDWFS
Carrasco, RodrigoThe low surface brightness dwarf galaxy population in nearby groups
Christlein, DanielGalaxy Luminosity Functions from Deep Spectroscopic Samples of Rich Clusters
Demarco, RicardoThe Structure and Galaxy Population of the Most Distant Massive Clusters in the Southern Sky
Desai, VandanaThe Velocity Function of Cluster Galaxies
Duc, Pierre-Alain Dust Enshrouded Starbursts in Clusters of Galaxies
Dwarakanath, K. S.Radio Continuum Emission from Cluster Galaxies
Ellis, SimonThe evolution of galaxies in high redshift clusters
Ettori, Stefano The local and z>0.7 cluster gas mass fraction as cosmological probe
Feldmeier, John Results from an Intracluster Light Survey
Ferrari, ChiaraObservations of multiple merging events in Abell 521
Finn, RoseH-alpha Derived Star-Formation Rates of 0.6 < z < 0.8 Galaxy Clusters
Fujita, YutakaThe Age and Number of Galaxies in Clusters
Gal, RoyA New Galaxy Cluster Catalog for the Northern Sky
Gomez, PercyGalaxy Star-Formation as a function of the local Environment as measured by the Early Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Gonzales, AnthonyThe Extended Profiles of Brighest Cluster Galaxies in the Local Universe
Goto, TomoThe SDSS Cut & Enhance galaxy cluster catalog
Hinz, JoannahThe Tully-Fisher Relation in Cluster S0s
Im, MyungshinHEROS in a Cluster of Galaxy Candidate at z=2.4
Jeltema, TeslaThe Evolution of Cluster Substructure
Kocevski, DaleCIZA: Cluster in the Zone of Avoidance
Krick, JessicaDiffuse Optical Light in A3888
Lapi, AndreaProbing with the SZ Effect the AGN Feedback onto the Intracluster Medium
Lopez-Cruz, OmarNearby Clusters of Galaxies: New Answers to Old Questions
Margoniner, VeraThe Deep Lens Survey
Marmo, ChiaraThe Wings survey: status and first results
Maurogordato, SophieMulti-wavelength Analysis of merging clusters
Medvedev, MikhailThermal conductivity of the ICM
Melott, AdrianEllipticity Evolution of Simulated Galaxy Clusters
Mercurio, AmataThe galaxy cluster Abell 209
Metevier, AnneA Study of Internal Kinematics of Cl0024+1654 Members
Miles, TrevorOptical Results From The Group Evolution Multiwavelength Study
Miller, NealStar Formation in Cluster-Cluster Mergers
Morrison, GlennSpectroscopic Classification of Radio-selected Galaxies in Rich Clusters
Motl, PatrickThe Form and Evolution of Cluster Correlations in Numerical Samples of Galaxy Clusters
Mullis, ChristopherThe 160 Square Degree ROSAT Cluster Survey: The Spectroscopic Redshift Catalog & the Implications for Cluster Evolution
Nagai, DaisukeHigh-Resolution Simulations of Clusters of Galaxies
Nanduri, VidyardhiCosmology Structures: New Modelling
Nolan, LouisaDetermining the Star Formation History of Elliptical Galaxies
Oegerle, WilliamDynamics of Intermediate Redshift Clusters A2111 and A2125
Osmond, JohnX-ray Archeology in Galaxy Groups
O'Sullivan, EwanXMM-Newton Observations of the poor cluster MKW4
Perlman, EricThe Evolution of Cluster Radio Galaxies at 0.5 < z <1
Pracy, MichaelDwarf Galaxies in Abell 2218
Rakos, KarlThe Ages and Metallicities of Ellipticals from Continuum Colors
Roeser, Hermann-JosefAn optical/near-Infrared multiband survey for distant clusters of galaxies
Rudnick, GregoryThe Luminosity Function of Cluster Galaxies at z=0.5-0.8
Sakai, ShokoDeep, Wide-Field H-alpha Survey of Nearby Clusters of Galaxies
Sanderson, Alastair The X-ray scaling properties of virialized systems
Schade, DavidEvolution of disk galaxies in clusters: the S0 problem
Scharf, CalebX-ray emission from a proto-cluster of galaxies at z=3.8
Schombert, JamesContinuum Colors of Cluster Galaxies
Suran, MarianFirst structure formation
Tantalo, RosariaNew Padova Stellar Population DataBase
Tran, Kim-VyE+A Galaxies in Intermediate Redshift Clusters
Tucker, DouglasMerging Pairs of Galaxies in the SDSS
Wechsler, RisaCalibrating the Mass Function of Galaxy Clusters in the SDSS
Yamada, ToruSubaru observations of clusters/proto-clusters at z > 1
Ziegler, BodoInternal Kinematics of Spiral Galaxies in Distant Clusters
Fritz, AlexanderEarly-type galaxies in the cluster Abell 2390 at z=0.23

Last Updated: 21 January, 2003