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Carnegie Observatories Centennial Symposium I


20-25 October 2002, Carnegie Observatories, Pasadena, USA

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Posters are allocated a display space of 36 inches x 48 inches (91 cm x 122 cm)

01. Asada, Keiichi Detection of the direction of the rotation of the accretion disk or spinning black hole
03. Barth, Aaron The black hole masses and host galaxies of BL Lac objects
04. Barthel, Peter Low-luminosity AGNs
05. Cappellari, Michele Dynamical modeling of galaxies from the SAURON sample: stellar disks, kinematically decoupled cores and black holes
06. Cappi, Massimo XMM-Newton survey of a distance-limited sample of Seyfert galaxies
07. Celotti, Annalisa The dividing line between FR I and FR II radio galaxies
08. Colpi, Monica Observational evidence of a massive black hole binary in NGC 6752 - filling the gap between stellar mass to intermediate mass black holes in dense star clusters
09. Cretton, Nicolas Black hole in NGC 3377, IFU observations
10. Cruz, Fidel Galactic cold collapse with a supermassive black holes
11. Dressel, Linda A search for offset black holes in LINER galaxies
12. Erwin, Peter The correlation between black hole mass and central concentration of bulges and ellipticals
13. Escala, Andres The dynamics of supermassive black holes in a gaseous medium
14. Falomo, Renato The black hole masses of BL Lac objects from stellar velocity dispersions
15. Floyd, David Probing the environments of the most luminous quasars
17. Gallagher, Sarah Probing quasar outflows with X-ray observations of BAL quasars
19. Gerssen, Joris The central mass concentration in M15
20. Gezari, Suvi Follow-Up HST spectroscopy of three candidate tidal disruption events
21. Gorjian, Varoujan A new infrared diagnostic for AGNs using 2MASS and new 10-micron data
22. Granato, Gian Luigi Joint formation of QSOs and spheroids
23. Heidt, Jochen The QSO Q0103-260 (z=3.36) in the FORS Deep Field
24. Hosokawa, Takashi Probing quasar black hole evolution through black hole mass function and gravitational waves
25. Huang, JieHao Relation between black hole mass and bulge mass - a simulation study
26. Hughes, Mark Nuclear clusters and massive black holes in spiral galaxies
27. Hutchings, John New stuff on high-z QSO hosts
28. Jarvis, Matt Black-hole masses in flat-spectrum radio-loud quasars
29. Jian, Hung-Yu N-body simulation of collisionless stars in the presence of a central black hole
30. Kawakatu, Nozomu A scenario for the coevolution of an elliptical galaxy and a QSO
31. Kollatschny, Wolfram Structure and kinematics of the broad-line region in AGNs
32. Kukula, Marek The evolution of quasar host galaxies
33. Laine, Seppo The connection between nuclear structure, central black holes and radio properties of brightest cluster galaxies
34. MacMillan, Joseph Dynamical growth of black holes
36. Malkan, Matt Morphological evidence for an evolutionary sequence of activity in galactic nuclei
37. Maoz, Dani Black hole masses from reverberation mapping of high-redshift quasars
38. Marchesini, Danilo Black hole masses and the FRI-FRII dichotomy
39. Markowitz, Alex Fluctuation power spectral density survey of six Seyfert 1 galaxies
40. Matsumoto, Hironori X-ray observations of the intermediate-mass black hole in M82
41. McLure, Ross Active black holes at high redshift
42. Milosavljevic, Milos Role of black holes in hierarchical galaxy formation
44. Nelson, Charles Velocity dispersion and black hole mass in Seyfert 1 galaxies
45. Noel-Storr, Jacob STIS spectroscopy of nuclear gas disks in radio-loud, early-type galaxies
46. Ohsuga, Ken Photon-trapping effects in super-critical accretion flows onto black holes
47. Oshlack, Alicia Black hole mass estimates of radio-selected quasars
48. Panessa, Francesca The nature of the "composite" Seyfert/star-forming galaxies
49. Petric, Andreea Sensitive, high-resolution radio imaging of the highest redshift QSOs --- a search for coeval AGN and galaxy formation
50. Ravindranath, Swara Interpreting the nuclear cusps and cores in early-type galaxies
51. Rector, Travis AGNs in the Bootes Field at milliarcsecond resolution
52. Sadler, Elaine 2dFGRS radio galaxies and the local black-hole mass function
53. Schinnerer, Eva The frequency of circumnuclear starbursts in Seyfert galaxies - testing the starburst-AGN connection
54. Shankar, Francesco Early evolution of galaxies
55. Shields, Joe Black holes as traced by weak active nuclei
56. Strateva, Iskra Double-peaked emission lines in AGNs
57. Szuszkiewicz, Ewa A population of "ultraluminous" AGNs -- super-Eddington accretion at high z
58. Ulvestad, James VLBA imaging of low-luminosity AGNs at resolutions of 1000-10,000 Schwarzschild radii
59. van Breugel, Wil The beginning of the end for a massive galaxy
60. Verdoes Kleijn, Gijs Black holes and gas disks in nearby active and quiescent galaxies
61. Viollier, Raoul Unified description of dark matter at the center and in the Halo of the Galaxy
62. Wandel, Amri Black hole-host galaxy relations in AGNs
63. Wang, Jian-Min Constraints on the accretion rates of supermassive black holes in radio-loud AGNs
64. Wang, Yiping Black hole to bulge mass correlation - a formation scheme for massive black holes and their host galaxies
65. Yuan, Chi Rotation curve vs. central spiral bar structure in nearby galaxies

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